Recovering admin access to OJS journal


My university is using OJS (not sure which version) to host a couple dozen journals, one of which I am on the new editorial/management board for. None of us in the current board group have journal-admin level access to the existing site, and a few years have passed since the tenure of the board who was able to access it last, so the usable login info has essentially been lost to time.

After submitting multiple tickets to our IT dept., it appears that nobody in IT knows who is in charge of the university sub-domain running OJS

The question in short: how can we figure out who is site-admin so we can request to be added as journal-admins? Or, is there another way to gain journal-admin access to the existing journal on the site?

(Apologies if I’m mistaken about the structure or intended use-pattern of the OJS suite, and thanks in advance for any suggestions.)

University of Calgary