Recommendations for free or cheap plagiariam check software

Using OJS and bootstrap.

I need a plagiarism checker which is not going to misuse or sell our data or articles.

I see CrossRef offer a fairly cheap option at $55 pa if a member for small revenue journals and free checks for up to 100 articles. Is this the best option and what are the downsides please?

Can anyone suggest other suitable services?


Hi @gail,

There is this plugin: GitHub - asmecher/plagiarism: Plagiarism checker plugin for OJS 3/OMP

It’s designed to work with iThenticate. I can’t speak to how iThenticate handles data - you may have to look into that separately.

I’m not so familiar with the Crossref service, so others may wish to weigh in on that if they’ve found that valuable.

PKP Team

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