Recode editorial decision stuck on loading

I have a problem when I click (recode editorial decision) on the submissions page when trying to review a submission or when clicking [Accept and Skip Review] and then click the (recode editorial decision) it gets stuck on loading forever
I will attach the screenshots below

**I’m using using

  • OJS
    **The problem was happening on the ( version ) and still after the update

Additional information
I tried to inspect the page when it is stuck on the loading and
1- (Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()
on - ($$$call$$$/modals/editor-decision/editor-decision/save-promote-in-review))

Hi @Ameer_Manthor,

For errors like this it is best to check your PHP error logs? Are you able to do that and report back?


PKP Team

didn’t find any thing relative to the journal path and at the same ojs platform I have 2 journals hosted and the error is happening only on one journal and the other one is working fine

Hi @Ameer_Manthor,

Sorry - typically for issues like this, there is relevant errors in the PHP error logs, sometimes even if they’re not relevant to the journal path. Whatever you’re able to share as output from the log, would be helpful. Beyond that, I’m not sure exactly what to suggest at this point - others in the community may weigh in.

PKP Team

I am having the same issues. Any solution has been found?


I encountered an issue where, upon selecting “Record Editorial Decision,” the system would keep processing without producing any result. If I canceled and checked the history, the decision was indeed recorded, but no notification was sent, and it did not confirm that the decision was recorded.

To resolve this issue, I conducted several investigations, but none were successful. Eventually, I upgraded OJS to version, and the issue was resolved.