reCaptcha not available on LAN

Our journal (OJS3) is available on both institutional LAN and internet. most local users access the website on LAN and internet is not available, which makes reCaptcha in-accessible.
we need captcha to prevenet spam users but many do not know that they should change their connection from LAN to internet while registering,…
Even when connected to internet, recpatcha is not always available and some times it lags due to internet speed.
Is it possible to bring back OJS captcha??!!

I expect that you are getting spam registration attempts only from outside of your LAN. Would an alternate solution be to allow for ReCAPTCHA to be disabled from a select (pre-approved) set of IP addresses? That is, LAN traffic is trusted and don’t trigger ReCAPTHA, but public traffic requires ReCAPTCHA verification. That might be a relatively small local modification or enhancement request.

I don’t see much traction in bringing back a in-house implementation of CAPTCHA, but some other alternatives don’t rely on Google which might be good alternatives, if you have some coding skills:

Hi @ctgraham,
thank you for the response.
the honeypot method is not reliable. I will try integrating another captcha method, but honestly this seems like a lot of work and may not be consistent with future releases of OJS.