ReCAPTCHA error: "Invalid domain for site key"

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@gardbeat reports:

ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key

Currently OJS 2.4.x only supports ReCAPTCHA v1. My understanding is that ReCAPTCHA v1 will allow arbitrary domains for a single site key, but ReCAPTCHA v2 and Invisible ReCAPTCHA both allow only named domains.

Are you using an old ReCAPTCHA v1 key, or a new ReCAPTCHA v2 key?

Hi @ctgraham,

I think ReCAPTCHA v2 support was added with OJS 3.0.1: Update ReCAPTCHA support for API v2 · Issue #1327 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@gardbeat’s context was 2.4… I’ll clarify that.

There is some consideration from the Pitt ULS of backporting that into OJS 2.4.x. If I do that, I would probably rework the 3.x implementation into a plugin.

@ctgraham and @asmecher. Please let me know when the form is in order to make my request. Thank you and very kind.

@gardbeat, if you are referring to the forum posting, you can follow up on your issue here.

Earlier, I asked if you were using an existing ReCAPTCHA v1 key, or if you had created a new ReCAPTCHA v2 key.

Hi @ctgraham . I can not use any keys since the ReCAPTCHA.

Google has different version of ReCAPTCHA. The original version, ReCAPTCHA v1, is used in OJS 2.4.x. It is discontinued by Google and only old keys can be used.

All new keys from Google will be the new version. ReCAPTCHA v2. Only OJS 3.x supports ReCAPTHA v2.

Where did you get your ReCAPTCHA key? What version is your ReCAPTCHA key?

Hi @ctgraham, the version is programmed on your website (the one of ojs), I think you do not understand my problem.

The problem is emerging when I will fill out the form that you have indicated that I must fill out to help me. I do not know what version you have, since the form is from a web of you.

I’m waiting.

Please share the URL where you find this form.

Url form:

Got it. Thanks.

@asmecher, this is for your team.

Okay, I’m waiting for the team @asmecher.

Hi all,

Thanks – I’ve passed it along and it should be resolved shortly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team