Reassign the same reviewer after their rejection

I’m new to OJS ( version) so maybe this is a basic question but accidentally I have rejected myself a reviewer request. I just want to reassign the reviewing task to the same user but the system won’t let me as it appears as already assigned. I’ve tried to erase the user from the system and create a new user with the same email (don’t have another email adress) but OJS won’t let me create another user with the same email (even thought it’s supposed to be totally erased from the platform.

I dont know if I had made myself clear, but is there anyway possible to reassign a user for something he/she is supposed to have already done?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @apm643,
You are supposed to be able to reassign, but an issue in the 2.4.x code prevents it. Here’s a thread where I posted a workaround in case you don’t have access to the code (the earlier discussion referenced in that thread includes a code fix I suggested):