Re- Failed to upgrade from OJS to - Issue Upgrading OJS from to OJS 3.1.2-4

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I’m using OJS version
i failed to upgrade ojs to version ojs
there is an error description:
- ERROR: Upgrade failed: DB: ERROR: type “serial” does not exist
- A database error has occurred: Table 'users_tmp’ already exists

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Hi @ragil.prasetyo

An error indicating that the ‘users_tmp’ table already exists implies that you have previously tried to upgrade your installation, but it failed, and you are attempting to upgrade it again without having restored your database from a back up. You must completely restore your database from a dump created before you attempt the upgrade again.


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I second the answer made by Jason, and I encourage you to upgrade directly to OJS 3.2.1-4 (or better, last stable-3.2)

yes I did upgrade the OJS version using from database dump. when I restore to the new database there seems to be no problem. I’m using postgresql 10 and php7.3, any suggestions so that the backup and restore database in my single database can work fine?
Maybe there are other suggestions for me to upgrade OJS to the latest version

Thanks marc for the advice, I’ll consider it. OJS is a new job experience for me. so I seek help from experts in this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Finally, I can upgrade versi OJS after trial and error :slightly_smiling_face:
now I use the OJS version 3.2.1-4. and prepare upgrade to OJS latest version.
maybe any suggestions for me before upgrade to OJS latest version ?

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