QuickSubmit Plugin "reorders" issue archive (OJS 3.2.1-4, Plugin

Dear community,

the QuickSubmit Plugin “reorders” the issue archive when reloading the website or changing the language. This happens only to journals that started after an update from OJS 2 to 3 and use the QuickSubmit Plugin. Older journals, started with OJS 2, do not face this reordering.

Just hit F5 a few times and you will be surprised. :slight_smile:


Where’s a good starting point to look for errors or irregularities?

Kind regards!

Hi @unkej,

Interesting … I see what you mean…

As a starting point: are you able to see anything related to this in your PHP error logs?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis,

our admin told me there’s nothing irregular.

But the problem was solved in another way: I “sorted” one issue in the back issue list to another position and back and saved the “new” old order. Et violà: the issue archive list is stable.

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