QuickSubmit plugin leaves incomplete submission if canceled

If you open the QuickSubmit Plugin but then leave it by pressing “Cancel” (instead of “Save”) an Incomplete submission is generated (under “My Assigned”).

Not a big issue, as you can delete the incomplete submission - but anyway it’s a bug I guess.

Confirmed. The “Cancel” link does delete the current submission, courtesy of the $form->cancel() call, but redirecting to the QuickSubmit input form again creates a new empty submission.

I’m not sure what the preferred user experience is here. Should we redirect the user somewhere other than the input form when cancelling a submission?

My suggestion is to handel the situation in the same way as a “success” event (see function saveSubmit), but display a submitCancelled.tpl instead of ‘submitSuccess.tpl’:

$templateMgr->display($this->getTemplatePath() . 'submitCancelled.tpl');
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Seems reasonable. Are you comfortable with PHP and with GitHub? This could make a good pull request into the plugin.

@aguen, you’ve done most of the work to identify the problem and solution here. I don’t want to steal your contribution, but I also don’t want to lose track of it. Would you be interested in opening a issue/pull request in Github for this?

Sorry for not replying sooner. I still have to learn GitHub but due to a heavy workload this needs some time. So I would be very glad if you could do the pull request. No problem with my contribution :wink:

Filed here:

Related to this, the “Cancel” at the end of quick submission page should include a warning before actually cancelling. I just accidentally hit it and the submission was lost.