Quick Submit plugin and separate domain names for a single OJS install

I am on OJS 2.4.3 and followed instructions at http://pkp.sfu.ca/support/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3546 to use a separately registered URL for one journal hosted on the site. While that post is from 2008, and geared toward a previous version of OJS, it generally works. I carefully checked the configuration of what I have against the forum post, and am sure there is not any mistake or oversight in following those directions.

However, the Quick Submit plugin does not work with it.

When I set up the separate URL according to instructions in that older forum post, the Quick Submit plugin does this:

  • When I click Save and Continue in the Quick Submit plugin, I do not go to a confirmation screen and instead get a blank screen at URL …/manager/importexport/plugin/QuickSubmitPlugin/saveSubmit

  • Correctly creates the uploaded document in ./ojs-files/journals/##/articles/#####/submission/copyedit/filename.pdf and ./ojs-files/journals/##/articles/#####/submission/original/filename.pdf

  • If I click a link to the article from a table of contents, when I try to go to a PDF view, I instead am taken to the homepage for the journal. (No problem as far as I can tell with .docx files; just PDFs. So, it might also be an interaction with the Quick Submit plugin and the PDF viewer.)

This doesn’t happen with articles uploaded using the author and editor roles. It only happens with articles uploaded using the Quick Submit plugin. It also doesn’t happen consistently with the same article across browsers. But, it’s not a browser issue, because each browser will resolve to an article or not on a given day. It feels like there is some kind of time out and then a caching issue, since if I go back a week later to an article that didn’t work in a browser, maybe now it will work in that browser that didn’t work before, or maybe one that worked now won’t, but never if I go back same day.

It happens with any articles uploaded using Quick Submit to any journal, when the custom URL is set up for one journal.

The server log shows this error: “PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method SectionEditorSubmission::getDatePublished() in /var/www/ojs/plugins/importexport/quickSubmit/QuickSubmitForm.inc.php on line 485” Line 485 is “if ($submission && !$submission->getDatePublished()) {” This error shows in the log regardless of whether or not I enter a value for date published in the Quick Submit form.

Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you deal with it?

Do you have any pointers on how to go about fixing this?

The server log message points toward this bug in the QuickSubmit plugin:
This can be resolved by this patch:
or by upgrading to 2.4.6.

This should resolve the blank screen you get when clicking “Save and Continue”, You should then be able to delete and resubmit the articles that are erroring to get them to work.

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