Questions about abastract and gallery views and journal traffic

I have a general question about traffic, abstract views, and galley views in OJS. Our editors are asking for their journal traffic.

Is there a way for a journal editor to see traffic of their journal, as well as traffic of all published articles in the journal? So, for example, they want to be able to login and see their journal traffic. They also want to be able to login and see a listing of all published articles and the abstract and galley views for each article all in one place. Can this be achieved in OJS?

Another question. Is there a way to get a breakdown of who is accessing the journal and the articles in the journal? For example, I would like to know which users or visitors have accessed the abstract and galley of articles. In OJS, you get a total number for the abstract views and the galley views, but not a breakdown.

Currently, all I see is the number of views for abstract, and a number of views for galley, but no number for journal traffic. Is there a way to breakdown those numbers to see which registered users or visitors is accessing this information, as well as the journal website.

Is there a way to implement something like that with Google Analytics? That is, get granular stats about who is accessing the journal, the abstracts, and galley.

Is this possible?

Hi @newone

I do not know much abut Google Analytics i.e. what everything it can provide to you, but I can tell what OJS Usage Statistics plugin can give you: the Usage Statistics plugin is collecting/calculating the access to journal home page, issue pages, as well as article and galley pages, according to the COUNTER standard. You can see the calculated numbers/statistics using a report, e.g. custom report, or usage statistics report in OJS 2 and view report in OJS 3.

For other kind of statistics, you would probably need to use other software and data, e.g. Google Analytics or you could calculate the statistics from your web server log files.

In order to know what user is accessing what, a system would need to log it that way, which is not the case, definitely not the case in OJS, but also not for the web server logs, I think – the web server logs could have IP addresses, but not the user names/IDs (of the OJS users).

Is your journal closed, i.e. requiring the user log-in?
What OJS version are you using?


Thanks for responding.

I realize that I am asking a question that is not possible in OJS. And that question is how to collect stats for each subscribing institution that uses IP access. From what I have seen, stats are lumped together and does not provide a way to separate them for each institution.

I am on 2.X, but hope to be upgrading shortly to 3.0.

Is there anything one needs to know for the upgrade?