Question: why the "family name" is not mandatory in the registration page?

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I was surprised to see that in OJS 3, the field “Family name” is not mandatory in the user registration. If I have understood correctly, in order to edit this and to make the surname or family name mandatory, I should create a “Child theme”, am I right? Is there not, maybe, a faster and easier way to do this from the backend?
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Hi @leonardo.mancini,

We used to have a western-style First Name, Middle Name, Last Name set of fields, but when we added multilingual names (in 3.1.2 if I recall) we followed a set of W3 internationalization recommendations documented here: Personal names around the world

It specifically recommends against requiring a family name:

[D]on’t require that people supply a family name. In cultures such as parts of Southern India, Malaysia and Indonesia, a large number of people have names that consist of a given name only, with no patronym. If you require family names, you may create significant problems in these cultures, as users enter garbage data like “.” or “Mr.” in the family name field just to escape the form.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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