Question re. "how-to" for ithenticate, github, plagiarism checks

This is not a problem but I’m not sure how to explain how it can be achieved (I’ve been asked by a journal manager who needs how-to instructions). Once I know how it’s done, I can record it “for next time” in my own documentation.

It’s regarding this plugin (and plagiarism checking):

What would a Journal Manager need to do? I only know that it is up-to-date…and…“XYZ Journal can now apply for an ithenticate account and configure within their journal”. Could I do it for them as an Admin?

Could someone please share their instructions, so I can instruct the Journal Manager?

We use OJS 3.3.7

Thank you so much!

Hi @PKP_Tam,

Instructions for configuring this plugin can be found here: GitHub - pkp/plagiarism: Plagiarism checker plugin for OJS 3/OMP

That should contain most of the information you’ll need to get setup.

PKP Team

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