Question About Review Response Options

Hi all,

I’m creating a new OJS instance for a conference with proceedings at and will be allowing submissions to be received for presentations only or they may opt to submit for a proceeding. Results for presentation-only submissions can be accept/reject and for those submitting for a presentation with proceeding, their responses can be accept both presentation and proceeding, accept presentation but reject proceeding, or reject both presentation and proceeding. Is there any way to modify the standard responses (I can only see them from the submissions window or reviewer window where they select an outcome). Is there any way to edit these? If not, i guess it can be accept and see comments where it is accepted for presentation but rejected for proceeding? Thoughts?

Hi @virvine,

Are you currently using the default reviewer form for this?

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

No - and review forms aren’t where it’s located. I’m thinking it must be hard-coded somewhere. I’d like to be able to edit those options.


It is under “review details” for a reviewer. I want to be able to edit these options so it can include accept presentation/reject proceeding and other variations as mentioned above.

Hi @virvine,

Unfortunately, you’re right that these are hard-coded. There is no way to edit these options at this time. We get this request from time to time, so I have applied the “Community Priority” label to a feature request where we track development issues.

However, there are some complications that come with editable review recommendations regarding how we calculate editorial statistics. You can read a brief description of the issue here: Customizable Reviewer Recommendations · Issue #1660 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.