Question about OJS database dump


I did the OJS 3.1.1-4 upgrade from previous versions.
I’m trying to make a copy of every environment for testing and I came across the following problem that I had not before.

I took a dump from the MySQL (version: 5.6.38) database used by OJS and when I imported it into the test database (Something I’ve done many times before and it was always fast) is taking many hours …

I enabled general_log and I could see that slowness occurs due to INSERTS in the table submission_search_object_keywords with an endless sequence of tuples

INSERT INTO submission_search_object_keywords VALUES (11971,7996,575), (11971,7996,968), (11971,7996,2633), (
11971, 7996, 3522), (11,971,7996,3923), (11,971,7996,4860), (11,971,7996,4879), (11,979,7996,237), (11,979,7996,291), (11,979, 7,996,372), (11,979,7996,414), (
11979, 766, 1247), (11,979,7996,1695), (11,979,7996,2335), (11,979,7996,2486), (11,979,7996,3602), (11,979,7996,4168), (11,982, 7996,209), (11987, 769, 159)
, (11987.7996,1134), (11987.7996,4031), (11998.7996.18), (12027.7996.603), (12027.7996.1057), (12027.7996.2905), ( 12027, 7696, 3240), (12027.7996.3590 …

I’d like to know if anyone has already faced this problem and what solution found to make dump import faster. And also if anyone could explain to me the purpose of this table.

Thank you very much!!

Hi @Gessy_Junior,

That’s the full-text search index. You can actually remove the contents of submission_search_objects, submission_search_object_keywords, and submission_search_keyword_list from the dump entirely, and then re-generate their contents using tools/rebuildSearchIndex.php from the command line. This can take a while too, but won’t cause down-time – until the search index is re-generated you won’t see any search results, that’s all.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I was afraid to clean these tables and you helped me a lot and very efficiently.
Thank you very very much!

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