PubMedCentral export plugin?

I was wondering if there is any plugin in place to export to PubMedCentral.

ps we are using OJS 3.0 to publish our journal

Hi @Valeria_Brancolini,

I am not sure for the version 3.0, but the plugin should be under Tools-Import/Export:

PubMed XML Export Plugin: Export article metadata in PubMed XML format for indexing in MEDLINE.

I have seen it in all versions I came across, so I am quite sure it should be there.

Regards, Primož

Hi @Valeria_Brancolini,

PubMed Central accepts articles’ full text in NISO JATS format. There is some relevant information in this article about conversion to this format:

Hi @primozs, thank you for your reply. I am actually looking for ways to deposit to PubMedCentral and not PubMed. PMC wants full text articles.

Hi @Vitaliy and thank you for your reply and the documentation. I will read it carefully. Best regards

Hi All - I know this thread hasn’t been replied to for quite some time, but I was wondering if there has been any advancements in being able to publish to Pubmed Central? It is something I am particularly interested in and would appreciate any advice I can get.

Many thanks in advance,