Publishing the article as HTML

I would like to present the article as HTML, like blow. How can I make?
Thanks in advance.

That journals publishes JATS XML and displays it as HTML with JATS Parser Plugin: GitHub - Vitaliy-1/JATSParserPlugin: OJS3 Plugin for parsing JATS XML and displaying it on article detail page

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Thank you for your respond.
I uploaded the plugging, yet it did not work.
Do I need to change the file name?


Did you follow the instructions? Keep in mind that it works nativly with the theme, pointed in the readme. In other case you need to modify your theme accordingly. Actually, did you try to publish an article in JATS XML already?

On your place, I’d perform the following actions:

This plugin can be used with any theme, but in this case, there would be a need to work with front-end.

Thank you very much. I upload the plugin and theme.

I am sorry but do not understand. How can I add the article as html?

Can you help me?

HTML is automatically produced from JATS XML by plugin’s PHP code. There is no need to create one. You need just to publish an article in JATS XML format through admin dashboard.

In case of a problem, you can let me know on what step you have encountered one. I’m not able to help without further specificity.

Thanks for such detailed instruction. I am trying to try this at localhost as suggest by you. I am using XAMPP. The system is working fine with bootstrap theme. However, when I select manuscript-jats theme, the pages are not opening and it shows error “This page isn’t working
localhost is currently unable to handle this request.

I am attaching screenshot of mysql_error for your reference.

There is nothing there. And as for php errors log? Can you post it?


Thanks for your reply. I am attaching screen shot of the error log


As for method addMenuArea() → it seems that you are using not the latest OJS version (3.1). You can upgrade it or use an older version of the theme:

The second error is that system cannot find file by the path: plugins/generic/jatsParser/lib
Is this file there? Is this path valid?

Hi Vitaliy,

Thank you for your contributions. I upgraded OJS 3.1, then I installed the plugging. However, I faced with page problem, see the image.



Try to clear the cache: dashboard->administration. Also clear the browser’s cache: ctrl+f5 while on article’s page. Let me know, if this wouldn’t have any effect.

Unfortunately, it has not changed.




Just have tested:

Can you check if your JATS Parser plugin is enabled?

Yes, it was enabled. I tried several times, yet there is no any change. I use the ojs 3.1 and download following:

Just performed a clean OJS 3.1 install and all works fine. Can you verify that have downloaded this theme:

changed theme directory name to manuscript-jats and JATS Parser plugin directory to jatsParser?
Keep in mind that you should download from the master branch.
Also check if this theme is enabled.

It worked. Thank you very much.
How can I add the article as HTML and XML?
Will I use the Galleys section?

You need only to download JATS XML as a galley. HTML will be displayed automatically from JATS XML. Example of an article in this format:

There are several tools available that can ease a transformation from DOCX to JATS.

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