Publishing "edited volumes" with authors associated with their own chapter

I have to publish a single academic work, three volumes with chapters of different subjects and different authors, open access: so it is not a journal and it is not a “monograph press”, just a single, even if complex, academic monograph. I first considered the idea of using OJS because of the many citation plugins available there, but in OJS, I believe, I would need to disable the submission forms, change all wording connected to journal, issues, etc. Now I’m trying OMP, but I can’t find all the citation plugins available on OJS. Any suggestions? Or may be I should consider OCS? Or do you think I can easily add the citation plugins to OMP?

I know, this is an opinionated question (see e.g. Anyway I’m going to add a small comment: after more research I found that OJS and OMP have the same plugin documentation (, and that sounds promising. I will let you know if I find a solution.