Publishing back issues in OJS 3.0.2 - (NOT) informing users

Hi, I have a question regarding publishing back issues via quicksubmit plugin.

How could I choose not to inform (send mail to) all users in OJS about publication of back issues. In older version there was an option for this, now I do not find it.

Thank you.

See this thread:

Thank you. But I am not much of an expert in this, can you give me more simple instructions how to deal with the unwanted notifications and make them optional?
Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately, there is not a simple solution at the present time.

The discussion in the other thread describes some of the core considerations, and some possible directions.

If you are comfortable editing PHP, we can point you toward the code that would need to be changed as a workaround for your situation, but the real solution is still in development.

Dear Graham, thank you for your answer. If you have PHP solution, would be fine, because I will ask our IT guys to work on it.
Kind regards, Lea

See also Email notification disabling when publish a new issue?(ojs 3).

The code to handle sending notifications about publishing a new issue is here:

The first line hints that an ugly (but potential) non-code workaround. You might be able to temporarily set the journal’s Distribution Access settings to “OJS will not be used to publish the journal’s contents online” while publishing each issue.

thank you for your help!

Dear @ctgraham,
Related with this topic. I imported articles in the issue in OJS 3.0.2 but it is not visible in link Archive. How to be visible old issues in webpage Archive and current issue? The articles are imported via QuickSubmit plugin.

Each archived issue will need to be published in OJS, which means you will need to create an issue, assign the articles to each issue, enter the metadata, and hit the publish button. Some of that information you should be able to add when you submit via the QuickSubmit plugin.


Dear @rdkettering,
Yes, I found. Thank youl.

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