Publishing an issue as one single file

Greetings, I’m wondering if anyone is supporting journals that publish their issues as one single file, all at once, and what that looks like in OJS. Yes I can think of several reasons as to why this isn’t optimal - but I have folks who work this way, or have backfiles like that, and am wondering how others handle this. If you can point me to live examples (URL), and share any tips you have if you do this, I would be extremely grateful!


Are you on OJS 2 versus 3?

In OJS 2, it’s kludgey - you upload as an article, but then any ways that you can send metadata out just don’t work quite right.

OJS 3 has an “Issue PDF” upload area. So, OJS 3 has a place to upload articles, then a place to upload the issue PDF. For end users, I think it’s not much difference, but for sharing out records and search engines it’s smooth.

-Wilhelmina Randtke

Thanks Wilhelmina. We haven’t started yet but will be on OJS 3. I did see that option, but I wasn’t clear how things would appear for ONLY a full-issue PDF, and no individual articles. Any reason why that would be a problem? Doesn’t seem like it would be, but just checking.

And does anyone have a live example?

Can you clarify this a bit more?

In OJS 2.x I would expect the consolidated issue (e.g. a single PDF) to be uploaded as a “Issue Galley”, to the Issue. This would be done perhaps in addition to uploading individual Article Galleys to each Article. If only publishing the Issue Galley, you would probably still want to represent the Articles as metadata-only records.

If you are uploading the Issue Galley as an Article Galley, I can see how that would be problematic with respect to the metadata.