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I’m Publisher . Generally our Journal article Published Last day of Month. But Pkp Index can’t show our Journal article . How many day after show PKP indexing journal article?

Hi @IJBSRR_Journal,

The PKP index is no longer taking submissions or indexing journals - it is being retired. Please see here: Frequently Asked Questions

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Already Index our Journal with PKP. I need to our Last Month Publication update. We are Published 30 May 2021 but Still not update PKP indexing our Journal Page…

Hi @IJBSRR_Journal,

Please see this from the FAQ:

What happens to my journal’s content that’s currently in PKP index?

The content that is in the Index will be kept as-is, and entirely available to harvest via OAI, until December 31 2021. The Index and its contents will be taken offline on January 1, 2022 and archived offline indefinitely by PKP.

No new content is being added or updated.

PKP Team

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