Protecting author confidentiality in supplementary files for blind review

How can a supplementary file be hidden from reviewers in OJS 2? For a journal I support, authors are required to submit a form with their article. This required form includes the authors name which would invalidate the blind peer review process. The checkbox for Supplementary File “Present file to reviewers (without metadata), as it will not compromise blind review” seems to strip metadata but still provides all supplementary files to reviewers. Is there an option to NOT send supplementary file(s) to reviewers? I expect this is not uncommon, for instance, when authors submit a cover letter with their article submission.

Does OJS 2.4.8 provide an option for authors to submit files (e.g. cover letter or this required form) that will NOT be included in files sent to reviewers?

Thank you for any assistance!


Dear Suzanne,

I am aware that several editorial boards I work with always require cover letter with author details and all other files including article and supplementary files without author details. Thus, editors and other can make sure that blind review requirements are met.
However, it is important that authors get properly made cover letter in which they will find all necessary fields to complete for article and supplementary files.