Profile picture in editors detail

Is there a way to make profile pictures to show up in editor details?


Hi @fatima,

What do you mean exactly by “editor details?” Can you post a screenshot?

Amanda Stevens
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Do you think like this? Editorial Team | Beta: Jurnal Tadris Matematika

Nice Editorial page.
“Biography” buttons are too prominent and they steal viewers focus. Can they be made smaller or dimmer with some grey color. Grey color would even match the color of your theme.

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Thanks @anupent, you’re right for the bottons
We have not touched it again. We again could not access your journal from Indonesia.

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Hi @astevens, something like @kawahyu has shown in his link

It looks really nice btw @kawahyu


HI @fatima,

You can’t make the user’s profile picture show on the Editorial Team page, directly from their user profile. However, you can use the image upload button in the Editorial Team section on the Journal Settings > Masthead page to upload images of your editors below, above, or next to their names.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

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