Professional upgrade service


We currently use version and we would like to update to the latest version 3.x and reactivate google recaptcha the collection of metadata needs to continue working
Can someone do this job or appoint a professional? I need someone with experience. thank you

Hi @brunomarker,

I think you may contact and ask for such a service. I bought some commercial themes from them, and become pleased with their support.

Let me mention @navotera to watch this topic.


Hi @drugurkocak

Thank you so much for referencing us. We are very happy if you are satisfied with our team on :innocent:

Best Regards.

Hi @brunomarker,

Why don’t you check with the PKP services directly:

Regards, Primož

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Here is another online journal service, that provide OJS 3.x hosting and upgrade services. I found their mail on my spam folder :slight_smile:

Their demo site;