Problems with registration

Hi, i have a problem when i try to register in my new journal site ( ). I clic on “register” but doesn´t go anywere, stays on the same page. Any idea?

Do you really intend for all content in and about the journal to be private? If not, in Administration → Users and Roles → Site Access Options, uncheck “Users must be registered and log in to view the journal site.”


For the to solve the problem go to Dashboard Admin > User & Roles > Site Access Option and check “Visitors can register a user account with the journal” in the section User registration.

Thank you. It’s not going to be private, its a proof version. This journal it’s been published on paper for 40 years aprox. Now it’s the time to go open access and digital, so I’m working on it.

Hi, again, I’ve tried what both told me but doesn’t work. Should I config something on the server where the OJS is intalled?

Que yo sepa no…podría ser problema del theme. Intenta con un theme por defecto; de no solucionar, localizar el log de errores para saber qué puede estar pasando.

If both the configuration options suggested above have not helped, I’m not sure of where else to find a relevant configuration in OJS.

The suggestion of checking the functionality in the default theme would be a good test.

I notice that you are using nginx, presumably as a proxy, to deliver this website. Is it possible there is an nginx cache which needs to be cleared, or a misconfiguration of nginx or httpd?

If it is a redirect coming from OJS, it is almost certainly running through this function:

If you are familiar with PHP scripting, we can add a bit of code here to determine why exactly the redirect occurs.

Well, sorry for the delay to this help. The problem was I erased " {$loggedInUsername}" from the Navigation Menu. I couldn’t fixed. It was a proof journal, so I created a new one.