Problems with PDF files

I am editing using OJS tools.

I have done my work, but the articles (pdf files) do not appear. Please see and click on the first article. I understand that the pdf should download, but it is not working.

Please help me


Jaime Otero

Where exactly did you add the pdf-file?

Clicking a title in the table of contents will always open the article abstract page. If any pdf files are available, you will see a download link both in the table of contents and the article abstract page.

The pdf files (or any other files to be published) should be added in the Production stage to the box that says “Galleys”. Galleys are basically files meant for publishing. See the section “Add galleys” here: Editorial Workflow

you should add the articles in the option “production” (gallery). in another option you will not see


Thanks, I would try
I thought I added the pdf file, but it seams something is missing

Thanks, I would try. I thought I have added the acrobat files, but it seams something is missing