Problems with month names in many languages - SOAC/OCS

I need traslate timeline months to Portuguese PT portugal and spanish to.
I view in another sites the names of months in portuguese, can you help me.
OCS conference sorry (SOAC/OCS

Another question
I don´t need the little combo in “Idioma do formulário”
I can delete this combo

Hi @Raul1,

We use PHP’s setlocale function to change the environment language, which should result in months etc. being translated into Portuguese. If not, it probably means that locale isn’t available on your server. See the note on locale-gen on the setlocale documentation page – the details will depend on your server OS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you very much.
I’ll check and try to figure it out.
Then I’ll see if I can do what I want.
Raul Filipe