Problems with mails after migration from postgres RDBS to MySQL RDBS - V2.4.8-3

Hello everybody !

Wehave in production one instance of ojs-2.4.8-3, after try to Update it to the any one of the 3 versions in many oportunities the things doesn´t go, then I decided change the RDBS from postgres to mysql, after that, all intents to upgrade it all run. The problem is that the instance in production now ojs-2.4.8-3 with mysql is not sendings emails to the rewiers and I see that no mails from the application are sended, the editorial process is no going.


I can’t come up with a link between the database and email sending.

Can you describe in detail what your process was to change from postgres to mysql? What changes were made on the server(s)?


Making a review of the parameters I found that the smtp_auth was not setup to a correct value after change it all mails were send.

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