Problems with JatsParser, OldGregg and OJS

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Hi everyone,

I’m using OJS with OldGregg theme and facing some problems. Here’s the steps:

  1. When I first installed OldGregg theme, plugin tab didn’t work anymore (installed list plugin didn’t load). When I looked at the log, I saw that the problem source was a PHP fatal error on on line 35:

    if (!class_exists(’\JATSParser\Body\Document’, true)) {
    require_once DIR . ‘/JATSParser/vendor/autoload.php’;

So, I commented this part and kept working. (OldGregg > JATSParser folder was empty, but I didn’t know it at time and did no difference).

  1. With work advanced, I’ve decided to install JatsParserPlugin, so I’ve uploaded the plugin folder to ./plugins/generic to activate it through browser. When I accessed plugin tab (on website config), the installed list plugin loading error happened again, so I looked one more time at the log and finded another PHP fatal error and a relevant warning (I guess):

    PHP Warning: require_once(…/plugins/generic/jatsParser/classes/ failed to open stream: file or folder not found in …/lib/pkp/includes/ on line 25
    PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘…/plugins/generic/jatsParser/classes/’ (include_path=’.:(path)/classes:(path)/pages:(path)/lib/pkp:(path)/lib/pkp/classes:(path)/lib/pkp/pages:(path)/lib/pkp/lib/adodb:.:/opt/php70/lib/php’) in /(path)/lib/pkp/includes/ on line 25

  2. Now, when I go to plugin tabs on website configuration to activate JatsParserPlugin, the installed plugin list doesn’t show once again.

Hi @geniusdesign,

The current release of the Old Gregg theme includes JATS Parser library, it can’t be use together with JATS Parser Plugin on the same instance. This will lead to the conflict between libraries and result into a Fatal error. And there is no need to use them both right now - the functionality is the same.

I’m working on a major update to the Old Gregg theme, it’s on the dev branch and nearly half work is done. I’m sorry that it takes so much time, working on it mostly on weekends. It will take another month or so. In this new version the theme will be decoupled from JATS Parser and this problem that you mentioning won’t be relevant anymore.

If you are planning to use JATS Parser Plugin, just remove Old Gregg theme from your themes folder.
This plugin will work with the Classic, Immersion and Health Sciences theme; after the next release, it’s going to be compatible with any OJS theme and will allow showing JATS XML on the article landing page (although it may require some additional styling from a theme side).