Problems with email notifications in Production Discussions

Dear all, I wonder if it is possible to recieve an answer about a problem detected with notifications in Production Diiscussion (Copy editing).

In the role of Journal Manager, I recieved an answer of an author, and I included in the discussion the Copyeditor, but she told me that never received the email of notification.

I looked in the “notes” database and found the note, but in the email log I didn’t find any sent email.

How can I find the problem?



Hello @Jvil,

Can you please indicate which version of OJS you are using? And, can you elaborate where the note was stored - do you mean it was stored as part of the discussion thread?

PKP Team

Hi Roger, the OJS version is Well the “note” was a Message in Copyediting Discussions. I’ve received a message from the author. After that, I added into the discussion the copyeditor but she never received the notification email.

I think it is a problem with her email platform, but I would like to know if I can find if that notification message was sent from OJS.

Is that possible?

Thank you so much

Hi @Jvil,

Do you see anything in the “Editorial History” (on the top right - next to “Metadata”) when you’re looking at a submission?


Hi Roger, in the “Editorial History” does not appear any of those emails I refered to. I can find the uploads that the author made (he had to change images for next step, “production”), but no signs of the messages with the author or the copyeditor.