Problems with eLife Lens article viewer plugin

Hi @asmecher I’m so sorry I was looking for a solution to a disadvantage with the JATS XML Viewer, when I tried to generate this the process never create the file while the user is viewing the message “Loading Article”, I’ve actived the module “Visor de Artículos eLife Lens”, the OJS version is 3.1.2. Could you help me with some direction about the solution?.

Hello @jarulin,

Please note, that the version of OJS that you’re using is no longer supported by PKP. I would recommend that you upgrade to the newest version of OJS, as it is possible that your issue will be resolved by upgrading. However, other community members may wish to offer assistance.

Upgrading instructions are available in the PKP Administrator’s Guide.

Information about the latest version of OJS can be found on the PKP Website

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @jarulin,

Just a note that the problem you’re encountering is probably because the eLife Lens Reader is not able to understand and format your XML file. You can usually find an error message to go with this in your browser’s error console. eLife Lens Reader is not our product, though, and I understand that it’s been discontinued, so it might be hard to find support.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I’m so sorry, but I was thinking that you could help me, when OJS is installed eLife is installed too.

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