Problems with Bootstrap 3: article_summary.tpl

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When loading a Cover Image of an article in Publication > Issue, We realized that Bootstrap themes have a small error in the code of “article_summary.tpl” (/plugins/bootstrap/bootstrap/frontend/frontend). This error generates invalid URL links in the images of articles in the table of contents. To resolve this, I changed line 25 of the file:


<a href=“{if $journal}{url journal=$journal->getPath() page=“article” op=“view” path=$articlePath}{else}{url page=“article” op=“view” path=$articlePath}{/if}” class=“file”>


<a {if $journal}href=“{url journal=$journal->getPath() page=“article” op=“view” path=$articlePath}”{else}href=“{url page=“article” op=“view” path=$articlePath}”{/if} class=“file”>

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Raphael Xavier

Hi @raphaelfx

Thanks for troubleshooting the theme. Could you please file an issue and open a PR against the theme repo on Github?
Pull requests · NateWr/bootstrap3 · GitHub

That would help the Community given this theme is used in many other journals.


Hello @israel.cefrin

Thanks for the answer

I already submitted the PR. Those who are interested in following the process can check in Update article_summary.tpl

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