Problems to install ojs in my computer

Hi ! My name is Susana. I´ trying to download OJS and I can´t. I´ve Windows 10 and have installed My SQL. Do I need and special server to run OJS ? Thanks.


You can check system requirements here:

Thanks, Vitaly ! Must I have a hosting for using OJS ?

You will need to make a server. It can be provided by hosting company or located on your PC. For example, I use my notebook as a server but it requires some specific knowledge about server administration. You can test the OJS locally. You need to download and deploy apache http server, mysql, php module for apache. All this is included in XAMPP. But be careful, because new versions of XAMPP include other than MySQL database. There are several alternatives of “all in one” packages for local servers. But I recommend to use them only for testing and not in production purpose.

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Thaks Vitaly ! Now I can see more clearly how it works. I´ll try with a hosting company. It seems to be more reliable.