Problems ojs link of an archive redirects to a different issue

Hello community!

We’ve been looking for resolving this problem.
This is archive page. Archivos
When you click the Vol. 1, Núm. 2 (2012), it goes to
Vol. 5, Núm. 2 (2016), and the same with Vol. 2, Núm. 2 (2013), that goes to Vol. 4, Núm. 2 (2015).
We’ve got into the DB to chek out the status of the articles column, and tried changing the value but it still not working.

We’re just learning about this problems, so any comment or suggestion will help us a lot.


Hi @CJSop,

Are you using custom issue identifiers? If so, ensure that they aren’t purely numeric. OJS uses built-in numeric identifiers and it may get confused if the custom identifiers are also numeric.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello! @asmecher

Thank you for your answer. We use the default identifiers. Each sending got a number like “45-181-1-PB”, but it is not
customize at the publishing process.
Please, could you be more specific about the process to change this vaules?
And thank you again, we’ve been little bussy but we´ll stay attentive.


Hi @CJSop,

The identifiers I’m referring to are enabled in Journal Setup:

If enabled, you’ll find a field called “Public Issue Identifier” on the “Issue Data” form:

This is the one that, if you’re using it, shouldn’t be strictly numeric.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

That’s it!!
It works. Yeah, I changed only the public issue identifier of this two volumes and matches!

thank you man! you’re great!

See you!