Problems entering metadata on OJS

Hi there, I’m Saúl from Nova Scientia research Journal (Mexico):

I have a problem: I cannot enter metadata in any editorial flow phase of OJS 3. From the beginning, when submitting, the authors cannot complete the process, and we as editors cannot help them either, as it does not allow us to advance in the process. The problem occurs, for example, when filling out the abstract in English, we press “save” and a notification appears in a red box (you can view on image).

We already tried several things: restart the process and do it on our own; do it by Quick Summit and even omit some data in English, and nothing has worked.
We use OJS

Does anyone know why it happens and how it can be solved? I will greatly appreciate your help.


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We can be more helpful if you provide more information.
php version?
When did the problem occur?
I suggest you take a backup and update it to version I think your problem will be solved.