Problemas en el formato de fecha de la estadística/Problems in the date format of statistics

Hemos actualizado nuestra página web de OJS a la versión Hemos modificado la fecha a formato día-mes-hora en Ajuste-Sitio Web- Configuración- Fecha y hora y se muestra correctamente en los artículos, pero cuando accedemos por la parte interna a la estadística la muestra en formato año-mes y día. Pondrían decirme como puede modificar el formato de la fecha en la estadística. Gracias

We have updated our OJS website to version We have changed the date to day-month-time format in Setting-Website-Settings-Date and time and it is displayed correctly in the articles, but when we access the internal part of the statistics it shows it in year-month-day format. Could you please tell me how to change the date format in the statistics. Thank you

Hi @Anita69,

Just wondering if you could provide more information: what part of the stats date display do you want to change? Perhaps you could include a screenshot.

PKP Team

Saludo Roger:-Greetings Roger,
Nosotros tenemos configurada a la fecha al formato español y sale bien en los artículos
We have the date set to Spanish format and it comes out well in the articles.
Sin embargo cuando vamos a la parte interna estadística, la configuración no sale en este formato.However, when we go to the internal statistics, the configuration does not appear in this format.
Un saludo. Best Regard

Hi @Anita69,

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately, at this point in time, it is not possible to change this, but an issue has been filed and hopefully an update will be applied to be able to make this possible: Journal's date format is not used on stats page · Issue #7889 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

PKP Team

Hemos probado a hacer los que nos indicabáis" For the statistics, it looks as though the date format is is hardcoded there and doesn’t depend on the configuration in the settings/
We have tried to do what you indicated to us. :

$dateStart = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-31 days'));

You could, potentially try modifying it to m-d-Y to see if that worked, but I would be cognizant of tracking that change, as if you were to upgrade, it may be overwritten."

Y da error en la solicitud, pues el componente espera el formato americano.
me podríais decir como adaptar la configuración general para que coja las configuraciones declaradas en las nuevas opciones./And it gives error in the request, because the component expects the American format.
Could you tell me how to adapt the general configuration so that it takes the configurations declared in the new options?

Gracias/ Thanks

Hi @Anita69,

Sorry - I actually deleted my post wherein I told you that, because one of our developers informed me that it would not be effective, and then filed the issue so this could be improved in the future. So, there configuration cannot currently be adapted to change the date format in the statistics, but, as noted, we hope to improve this in the future.

PKP Team

Gracias de todas formas/Thank you in any case

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