Problem with TinyMce plugin OJS and SSL-certificate (probably)

I have a problem with displaying the toolbar of the editor.

The steps to clear the cache that is described here did not help.

Here’s the error message:

Is there a problem with installing the SSL-certificate?
RewriteEngine На
RewriteCond% {HTTPS} выключен
! RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI} ^ / robots.txt
RewriteRule (. *) https: //% {HTTP_HOST}% {REQUEST_URI } [QSA, L]

Please help me to solve this problem!

Hi @prtrans,

Something looks fishy about that TinyMCE request that’s responding with a 503 error. OJS itself never generates that response, so I suspect it’s something to do with your web server. Check its logs to see if something appears there, and try viewing just that sub-request in your browser to see if you can determine more information about it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team