Problem with submission after a new instalation

we have installed a new version of OJS and now we have problem with submissions.
It doesn`t work at all!
Here is URL of our journal:
I will apreciate any help, because this is 3-th installation with the same efect!

Thank you in advance.

Could you be a bit more precise as to what is not working? If log in as a registered user, are you able to upload files? Or is the problem about the workflow?

The problem is with registrated and logged user. After clicking on “Online Submissions” nothing is happen! Thats all. Any step of submission doesnt begin!

Hi dear i am facing submission problems as i start submitting an article in OJS 3.0 it stucks at initial stage. please advise me. thanks

Please install OJS 3.1.0-1 and inform us on developments.