Problem with Quick Submit and OJS-3.0.2

We are having issues with the installation of quicksubmit plugin. We do see the plugin in the Gallery but nothing happens after clicking on Install.
We even tried manually installing the plugin by copying the source code in the importexport folder and upgrading OJS installation. Though we see the plugin installed plugin now, it partially loads the main plugin page. I have attached screenshot. We don’t see the fields to enter author name or keywords and see Loading randomly towards the bottom of the page.

Hi @pcansf,

When attempting to install the plugin using the Plugin Gallery, did you have a look at your PHP error log to see if there’s something there to indicate why the installation wasn’t successful?

If you attempt to install the plugin manually, please note this thread: OJS 3.0.1 and Quick Submit plugin

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @pcansf, @asmecher,

We had the same issue. Here @bozana supposed this might be related to the latest release’s version number not being updated properly:

The workaround now is to upgrade it through the standard plugin panel, not paying attention to the version number displayed.

Yes. That helped. Thank you.

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Hello, we have the same problem. How did you fix the problem? Could you kindly help us? Thank you very much.

Apologies for the late reply. We installed it manually.