Problem with OJS plugins and logo

Unable to make changes
When I try to change logo from website setting> logo it shows the following error
Even cant upgraded or install Plugins

Steps I took leading up to the issue

I am using

Additional information

First disable all blocks and save.
Then you can refresh the page (F5) and activate the blocks you want.
The problem will disappear.

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Thanks a lot! I followed your solution, and it is working properly… However, the plugins issue still persists.
Following are the screen shots to explain the plugin issue.
Plugins Problem: When I try to upgrade a plugin, “OK” button on a pop up windown does not work and its alaways a clickable “OK” is there…

After clicking multiple clicks on “OK” button, When I try to upgrade or Install a plugins the following message appears

I guess your “tmp” folder is not writable.

When I visit Cpanel the following message apperas

Following is the current permission setting for the Template folder

Moreover, the following is a screenshot of my cpanel if it could help identify the issue.

However, I accidentally installed WordPress, and later on, I deleted the database created for WordPress…

Currently, I have one database dedicated to the OJS

I’m talking about the “tmp” folder, not the “template” folder.

You can find it in the root directory. If not, create and check again please

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I followed the instructions, but the issue still persists.