Problem with Most Popular Articles Plugin

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after setting up plugin in Journal Manager/Setup… the same is not visible. I cannot see them on the right or left side. I did this on the two different website and have the same problem.
In section Block Plugins I received
and cannot change anything.
Where is the problem? I use OJS 2.4.6.


$ php tools/upgrade.php upgrade

thank you for answer. I work under Win platform and Win server and don`t know how to do that. Is there different way to solve the problem?

The php command should work similarly under Windows as it does under Linux.

If you are using XAMPP, you may need to either specify the full path to php.exe, or configure your cmd.exe environment:

Dear ihlasnobatovich,
I don`t use XAMPP. I use live website.

If you are on a shared server where you don’t have shell access, you can also execute the upgrade process by changing your setting to installed = Off and accessing homepage to see the upgrade/installation script.

Before you go though that effort, however, did you upload the plugin through the website, or did you extract it directly to the filesystem. I think @ihlasnobatovich’s concern is that if you extracted the files directly in the filesystem rather than uploading the tgz file in the interface, a new generic plugin will need to be manually initialized (via the upgrade script).

If you upload the tgz file in the Plugin Management screen in OJS, the step of initializing the plugin should be automatic.

Dear ctgraham,
thank you for advise. With $ php tools/upgrade.php upgrade I solve the problem with one domain. On the other I use shared server where dont have shell access. Plugin was extracted and uploaded via FilleZilla. I didnt upload tgz file with Plugin Management because I received message that I must change configuration in config.php for tgz file.
Is there alternative method for shared sever to solve this problem?

@Lazar_Stosic, your best bet on a shared host is setting up your settings (probably tar?) so that you can use the upload interface.

Alternately, I think you are stuck with my earlier suggestion:

Dear ctgraham,
I know that I was stuck. Because that I try to find help. Also, I cannot use command to upgrade my OJS and all must do manually.
One more question. Where concrete and what to change in settings? About “tar” I found only
; tar (used in backup plugin, translation packaging)
tar = /bin/tar

You can upgrade OJS without the command line via the instructions I quoted above. Turn installed in “Off” and when you (or anyone) access the system via the web, you will see the installation/upgrade page. The upgrade option is a bit hidden at the top of the form.

If you try to upload the plugin via the web interface, but it fails, it should give you a message about what failed. If that message is unclear, post the message here and we can help. My comment about tar was just a guess as to what the error might have said.

Via the web interface I received>
Errors occurred processing this form:
The tar command is not available. Please correctly configure it in your “”.

This indicates that OJS couldn’t find (or execute) the tar command at the location specified in your Check with your hosting provider to see what the correct path to GNU tar is on your server, and update the line you quoted earlier:

; tar (used in backup plugin, translation packaging)
tar = /bin/tar

Dear ctgraham,
we made the upgrade with the script and received --Successfully upgraded to version On the website we still cannot see the article. On the other domain we received that version is upgraded to 2.4.5 and everything is doing well but here we cannot see the article.
Could you give us advice what we can do next?

You are still not seeing the block as available in Journal Setup, correct?

If you look in the database directly, do you see a row in the versions table which has this plugin listed?

Dear ctgraham,
I see the block available in Journal Setup, I putted this block on the right side. When I do that I see only the name Popular Articles on the right side but cannot see the list of articles.
In the database I find and see the row with this plugin.

Ah. In that case, the issue is not with plugin installation, but is probably with the code in the plugin itself. I won’t be much help because it is not part of the core product and I haven’t looked at this plugin in particular. Perhaps someone else has.

OK. Thank you anyway, I will find the way to solve this problem.