Problem with mail

Hi sear

I used Open Journal System and my is

disable_path_info =off
base_url[index] =
base_url[ojs] =
restful_urls = off

i have problem two problem

first one :
when i add new research the research it’s save but i have error it’s :

NOTICE: Array to string conversion (/home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/classes/mail/

ojs2 has produced an error

Message: WARNING: Cannot modify header information - headers already
sent by (output started at
In file: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/lib/pkp/classes/core/
At line: 87
File: (unknown) line (unknown)

 Function: PKPApplication->errorHandler(2, "Cannot modify header 

information - headers already sent by (output started at

87, Array(1))
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/lib/pkp/classes/core/ line 87
Function: header(“Location:”)
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/lib/pkp/classes/core/ line 691
Function: PKPRequest->redirectUrl(“”)
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/plugins/importexport/quickSubmit/ line 149
Function: PKPRequest->redirect(Null, “manager”, “importexport”, Array(2))
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/plugins/importexport/quickSubmit/ line 57
Function: QuickSubmitPlugin->saveSubmit(Array(0), Object(Request))
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/pages/manager/ line 43
Function: QuickSubmitPlugin->display(Array(0), Object(Request))
File: (unknown) line (unknown)
Function: ImportExportHandler->importexport(Array(3), Object(Request))
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/lib/pkp/classes/core/ line 362
Function: call_user_func(Array(2), Array(3), Object(Request))
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/lib/pkp/classes/core/ line 220
Function: PKPRouter->_authorizeInitializeAndCallRequest(Array(2), Object(Request), Array(3), False)
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/lib/pkp/classes/core/ line 134
Function: PKPPageRouter->route(Object(Request))
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/lib/pkp/classes/core/ line 178
Function: Dispatcher->dispatch(Object(Request))
File: /home/content/10/6451410/html/ojs/index.php line 64
Function: PKPApplication->execute()
Server info:
OS: Linux
PHP Version: 5.4.19
Apache Version: N/A
DB Driver: mysql
DB server version: 5.5.43-37.2-log


second problem :
when send email to another searchers the error message is

please help me

If you are really at 2.4.6-0, the first thing I would do is a clean “full package” upgrade to 2.4.6-1 (or 2.4.8), if possible. There are a number of known bugs in the 2.4.6-0 release.