Problem with files .CSS

Hi @asmecher

I have a problem with the style files in the update of OJS, in my previous version the .css file is located in “/ /public/site/sitestyle.css”

My question in this regard is: In this latest update the style files should be located somewhere else?

Regards Alec,

Hi @rrodriguez,

What version of OJS did you upgrade from? If you upgraded from OJS 2.x, you’ll need to rewrite your stylesheet; the OJS 2.x and 3.x markup is entirely different. I suspect your stylesheet is still applied to your OJS 3.x installation, but is not effective because of the different page structures. You can inspect your page using the browser to determine whether it’s being loaded.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I’m facing a problem in my Stylesheet file. After I’ve upgraded to the last version of OJS, the platform is not responding to any modification in the Stylesheet file. It only response the the CSS that I’ve added before the upgrade and when I add any new modification to the .CSS file, it doesn’t work.

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@Ahmad_Aljarah - You have probably tried clearing your browser cache, but I just want to make sure. :slight_smile: When you upload the new stylesheet, do you get a confirmation of successful upload? Is there anything related in your PHP error log? Does the updated stylesheet end up in your public directory (e.g. public/journals/1/styleSheet.css for journal_id=1 )?

@EmmaU - Thank you for your support!
Yes, I’ve cleared the browser cache. Also, I’m getting a successful confirmation when I upload the .CSS. and not getting any PHP error log. When I go to public/journals/1/styleSheet.css I can see that the .CSS details has been saved. However, it is not reflecting in the journal pages. I’ve restored the original stylesheet and save, the Styesheed come back to original. But when I upload my modified stylesheet, it takes only the .CSSs that applied before the upgrade and any new added CSSs after the update dosen’t work.