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Hello everyone

I have this problem (screenshot attached) with author names: names##data##others###. I read some posts in 2020 that the issue was solve, but I do not find the information about.

Thanks in advanced for any help.

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Hi @romanogino
This key title (comma) is located in common.xml file within lib/pkp/locale/en_US/ folder (for English). And it should exist in common.xml file of other language folders such as es_ES for Spanish.
So, either that file doesn’t contain this key title, or the file may be missing completely.
You may download ojs v.3.1.2-1 from and upload to its folder

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 21.07.32

Dear @drugurkocak
Thanks for your support. Your solution solved partially my problem. The name of the first author did not change, it is showing the user name, not the given name. All the others changed.
Thanks in advanced for any. help.
Best regards.

Hi @romanogino

I am glad to hear that I colud help you. As the next step, could you go to submission, click metadata on top right corner, go to the contributors, and then click the edit button on the contributor named franciscoVillafana29, and correct its user information.
It may be located on a different place depending on your OJS version.


@drugurkocak Thanks for your support. I am new using OJS.
Best regards.

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