Problem when uploading article in review ojs 2.4.8

I’ve been trying to upload a file in the submission section but when I press upload nothing happens, the page restarts and does not give me any error, previously I got the message that it was an error due to the weight of the file but now only the page is reloaded without doing any action,
Does anyone know what file I have to modify to accept more weight or what can cause this?


Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi @Diana.K,

Thank you for your question. Are you having this issue with one particular manuscript or multiple? As well, have you made any changes to your journal setting lately?

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Intern


was there any resolution to this problem? I have the same thing happening.

Hi @elhay,

This is an older post and relates to OJS 2.4.8, which is no longer supported. If you’re using OJS 2, it is recommended that you upgrade, but feel free to create a new post describing your issue, however, you may find that it is remedied by upgrading to a more recent version of OJS.

PKP Team