Problem using tar on Windows


I am using OJS on Windows 2016 server with XAMPP. When I try to add a plugin by going to Settings → Website → Installed Plugins and clicking on Upload a New Plugin, selecting a zip file and clicking Upload, I see a green check mark next to the zip file name. Then I click on Save and the "The tar command is not available. Please correctly configure it in your “”’ notification appears.

As suggested by @jnugent here, I downloaded Tar for Windows and added this to

tar = “C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin\tar.exe”

with and without brackets, but I still see the same notification about Tar command not being available. What else should I try?

Hi @Lolekbolek,

Is the archive that you are trying to upload in tar gz format?

Thank you, @Vitaliy. It is actually a zip file from here: .

You can upload latest tar archive from here: Releases · pkp/oaiJats · GitHub or download master branch directly though Git (git clone although I’m not sure if the latter will work correctly