Problem to access to my manager page

when i am connecting and i want to click director link
it gives me a white page!

Look for the details in your server’s error log and post them here.

For in-depth troubleshooting, refer to this FAQ: When I click some button or follow some link, I'm left with a blank page. What do I do?

display error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_is_registered() in /var/www/publication/ojs-2.3.4/lib/pkp/classes/session/ on line 64

i put those lines ( in comment and it is ok! but i want to know if it is good pratical for ojs application .
// if (session_is_registered($key)) {
// session_unregister($key);
// }

It sounds like you are using PHP 5.4 or higher with OJS 2.3.4. The session_is_registered() function was removed from PHP in 5.4, and the line that is giving you trouble was removed from OJS in 2.4+.

The permanent solution would be to upgrade OJS.

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it is right i am using ojs 2.3.4 with PHP 5.5.27! i think to upgrade my install now!