Problem restricting access to subscription only material

We’re running OJS v3.1.1.2 and I’m running into problems trying to restrict access to journal articles that are subscription only. Access to the issue has been designated as “Subscription” and I’ve unchecked the items in the Table of Contents which are not Open Access. Unfortunately, all the content still seems to be available without logging in. Is this a known problem?



I work with jmesser who posted this and we are stuck. All the settings have been enabled but the journal’s issues are all openly accessible when they should not be. FYI, we did implement the following patch and I’m wondering if it somehow resulted in this issue: OJS3.1.1.2 ARTICLE_ACCESS_DEFAULT constant not defined

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi @tkstephe,

  1. Is the payment plugin fully configured? Ensure that a payment plugin is chosen (e.g. PayPal or Manual), and that all settings on its form are configured with something. Otherwise the plugin may report that it has not been configured, which will affect the payment system.

  2. If you’re using IP-based subscriptions, make sure you haven’t entered one that accidentally covers the system you’re working from. If that has happened, it’ll look as though the user has a subscription.

  3. Some users (e.g. Journal Managers) are implicitly assumed to have access. If you’re logged in with an account like this, try logging out or logging in with a less privileged user.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team