Problem of the DOI plugin settings of our journal


The situation is:

We have a journal that was acquired through a transfer, and its original publisher had an independent DOI prefix. Several articles have already been published using the original DOI prefix. However, after the transfer, we need to assign a new DOI prefix to the journal, and all newly published articles should use this new DOI prefix. The previously published articles should continue using the original prefix.

However, I noticed that in the OJS system, when I configure the journal’s DOI and Crossref plugin, the DOIs for newly published articles must start with the new DOI prefix. This means that the DOIs of the previously published articles cannot be added to the articles. Is there any way to resolve this issue?



This can be done by temporarily replacing the current DOI with the old independent DOI, and don’t forget to select the “Enter an individual…” option.

After that, please adjust the DOI for all transferred articles according to the independent DOI you previously had.

So in the article metadata you can enter the DOI according to the old original DOI

And after everything is finished, you can return the DOI configuration to its original state.


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I got it, Maybe this is the only solution at the moment, thank you.