Problem of roles

I am both an editor and a reviewer in the journal. When I accept the review, I cannot see other manuscript information (e.g. another reviewers or their comments). Only my review section open to me for this article.

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I had the same problem. Apparently OJS identifies you as the lowest role so won’t show you Editor business if you are also a reviewer for the same paper.

I had to create two identities for myself: one as reviewer and author, the other as editor.


If, as an editor, you want to act as an reviewer as well, I suggest that you create a separate user account with the reviewer role and use that. As you can see, OJS does not handle the situation you described all that well. Edit: just like @gail suggested!

See Editor as well as reviewer with trouble reading other reviewers' reviews and Editor stuck in reviewer role, OJS3

You can still access the editor view of that submission. Open any other article and go to the review stage. Look at the structure of the url there. The number in the url is the submision id. Replace that number with the submission id of the submission you have trouble accessing as an editor.


Thank you so much for your quick replies.
I see the article using the url.
We can only access the article by this way, Can not we?
Is there any solution?

Thanks again.

The best solution is the one with two user accounts that @gail mentioned above.


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Thanks Nygard. I figured that myself and created an ‘internal reviewer’
account which I use for these situations. It’s easy and useful workaround.

Thank you for support.

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